February 25 2020 moon astrology


  1. Feb 2nd - Astrology calendar - Aspects & Transits - Mundan-Horoscope
  2. Table of Eclipse Dates from 1994 to 2030
  3. 2020 Planetary Overview

Feb 2nd - Astrology calendar - Aspects & Transits - Mundan-Horoscope

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Table of Eclipse Dates from 1994 to 2030

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This is a complete list of all the Moon phases in year This lunar list would be highly useful for Moon watchers. It gives the moon phases, the dates and the exact timings of the occurrence. This would be a valuable source of information and guide to moon phases.

New Moon: When the Moon is in the same direction as the Sun, its illuminated half would be facing away from the Earth, and therefore the part that faces us is all dark, this we call the new moon. During the New Moon, the Moon and the Sun rise and set at the same time. Waxing Crescent Moon: As the Moon moves around the Earth, we would be able see more of the illuminated half, and we say the Moon is waxing.

2020 Planetary Overview

The Moon seems to growsas days go by. This phase is called the crescent moon. Quarter Moon: A week after the New moon, when the Moon has completed about a quarter of its turn around the Earth, we can see half of the illuminated part; that is, a quarter of the Moon.